Product Data Quality Audit, Cleansing & Enrichment

Data Quality Audits

Product Data Quality includes validation of existing product categorization, technical specifications (schema) for each category, Product image linked to each product SKU, datasheets & other digital assets associated with each product SKU

HVT will take random samples or entire Product Master based on customer requirement.

The data fixing for the issues identified will be done using the services,

Product Data Enrichment Services

Product Data Enrichment or Enhancement is the process of enhancing the data from the external resources from manufacturer / supplier websites, PDF Catalogs, Datasheets, MSDS or any other documents.

Product Data cleansing Services

The data quality audit services done by subject matter experts (SMEs). A sample set of data is collected from each product category and variety of audits done at each SKU level and also consolidation audits at all the SKUs level. The Gap Analysis Report will be shared with customer. Based on customer preference, the data cleansing services will be undertaken remove the gaps and create high quality data suitable for their eCommerce or any other applications.

  • Product Reclassification

Data Standardization

Data Standardization is the first step to make sure the data is able to use across the different division of the organization. Data Standardization includes usage of Standard Unit of Measure Codes (UOM), like ANSI or United Nations (UN) UOMs, Identification of duplicates and deduplication, Identifying and removal of redundant attributes, Normalization of attribute name and values across the manufacturer product data

Our Product Data Standardization (PDS) Services briefly classified as below:
  • Duplicate Identification
  • Product Description Standardization – Have unique product description for each SKU
  • UOM Standardization
  • Attribute Normalization – Standard attribute name across the manufacturers
  • Abbreviation Standardization
  • Packaging Information Standardization