Product Master Data Management

HVT is specialized in providing Product Master Data Management Services. Our services are flexible and at most customizable to individual Customer specific needs. We understand customer requirements quickly and deliver as per customer requirements with very minimum interaction with customer. Our domain experts provide timely suggestion for improvements that has impressed many customers. With our robust process, we are committed to provide high Quality, Accurate, Consistent, Standardized and Enhanced Product Data delivered on time.

Product Data Management includes Product Identification (defining Noun and Modifier), Taxonomy Development, Schema Development, Specification or Attributes Capture definitions & rules, General Information like Application, Feature and Benefits Information Listing, Description Generation (Long and Short using Abbreviations), Downloading MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) / Technical Data Sheets / Installation Sheets, if any.

Our Product Data Management (PDM) Services briefly classified as below:

Product Data Creation Services & Consulting

  • Taxonomy and Product categorization
  • Product Reclassification
  • Schema Development with style guides
  • Product Attribute Data capture
  • NPI – Product data complete processing as per SLAs

Item Classification

For the smooth conduction of business, classifying products and services according to a standardized classification convention is very much essential. Global standardized and a uniform classifying technique of products and services with standard descriptive nomenclature has its own advantages. Our standardized classification method helps. HVT has expertise in the following Item classification standards.

  • eCl@ss
  • GS1

Product Digital Assets Creation

Product Images are physical representation of the products for eCommerce. For making right purchasing decision providing sharp, high resolution image critical for eCommerce.

HVT have product image experts to serve our customers starting from taking photograph of the product till uploading the processed images into eCommerce PIM system.

  • Background removal and photo fuse: Select the part of the photo you want and blend into another background.
  • Image path setting
  • Drop shadow
  • Multiple size images

Other Related Services

To meet the today’s requirements of eCommerce end users and increasing the online sales, the internal marketing and product data division of the organization requires following additional data to enhance the information provided on their eCommerce websites. We have following specialized services to meet our customer’s eCommerce challenges

  • Private Label Product Datasheet
  • Alternate Products& Accessory Products
  • Competitor Cross Reference for Product Price monitoring and Reporting
  • Obsolete Management and Reporting
  • BOM Analysis and Reporting